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The Broken Bobber Fishing Show is your place for angling entertainment. Taking place in the Midwest, see the great scenery and some fishing hot spots that the region has to offer. Your Wisconsin native hosts, Rookie and Tyler, will keep you on the edge of your seat with the few things they know and the many things they learn on the water.

RookieJosh ‘rookie’ Michels

Born and raised on the Southern outskirts of Fond du Lac, much of my early childhood fishing centered around streams and creeks.  I caught many chubs with fishing line, a hook, and a peice of hotdog.  Later on it would be suckers by hand and bow.  As much as I enjoy the seemingly more constant action of pan-fishing, I like to try for game fish as well.

First fish: Goldfish at the County Fair.
(Yes, the ping-pong ball in the fish bowl game. And yes, it counts.)

Biggest fish: Salmon
Location: Cordova, Alaska 2000
(Not sure how big, but tasted mighty fine.)

Tyler Oestreich


Tyler Oestreich is an Eden native with much of his fishing experience directed towards pan fish.  Although they may not give out trophy’s on a regular basis for these little creatures of the fresh water sea, they take a keen sense of the watery environment to locate and bring home.  Brought up on the lakes in the northwoods of Wisconsin, he likes big bobbers, live bait, and a sharp hook.

Biggest Fish = 22″ Northern Pike
(he’s got pictures to prove it)