the broken bobber bass boat


take a tour of the broken bobber bass boat. see the ins and outs of this magnificent fishing vessel as the broken bobber takes you on a journey you’ll never forget.

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  • Does she handle water skiers?? Sweet ride… I definNOTly see chick magnets clinging to her hull. Nice documentary, however 🙂 You guys got something going here, that’s for sure… I’m just not sure exactly what that something may be!

  • Wish I had a boat and camera setup like that for filming the Bullet Bobber. They aren’t Broken Bobbers but they are Wild and you could show how wild they are. They plane out to the side and flip direction when given a little tug. I have trolled with 4 BulletBobbers trailing at different distances, all cutting across the wake at the same time, some running to port and some to starboard. You have seen 4 skiers do this spectacle but fishing bobbers doing it on film would be a first and maybe it would be a viral video for the BrokenBobber Fishing Show. It is not fast moving action like skiers but you can always adjust the clip speed when editing after you show the technique at normal speed. I know it sounds like tangling is going to be a problem but if you get a hit all you need to do is let the other BulletBobbers resume their normal tolling position, out to the side and out of the way for reeling in your catch. Suggestion, start out with 2 rods and work your way up to 4. You can mount rods off the back and bring fish in on the side or mount your rods on the sides and bring the fish in off the back. Wherever you mount your rods you want to be able to reach them so you can give them a little bump (while in the rod holder) to make the BulletBobber flip direction. It can help to see what your doing if the 4 rods are different lengths and to use different size BulletBobbers of each rod. Example, longest rod and biggest bait with the largest BulletBobber the farthest back. This gives you a wide range of bait sizes increasing the odds of hooking up with something! There are a lot of other things that can be done to simplify and improve effectiveness of the system if you are interested.

    Paul from

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