Published: August 24, 2009 | By brokenbobber

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Welcome to the broken bobber fishing show, your source for great fishing entertainment from your Wisconsin native hosts, Rookie and Tyler.  Stay tuned for updates and more information.

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  • Nice show josh nice show we meed to take you bowfishing for your show next year.

  • you guys are about pathetic at fishing.i think you need bigger boobers and much larger hooks. the only thing that looks nice is my truck pulling nick’s skow.i can offer my expert advice on fishing free, but at a nominal fee.good luck and keep up the good work.YOURS TRULLY UNCLE MARK :THE FISHIN MAGICIAN:

  • Looks like fun, How about catching Bigger fish next time.My kids get bigger fish on a dock in Lakeside Park. Oh and Keep on trying,The fish will come if only You keep Fishing…lol

  • When will part 3 of “the ancient fish” be up? Anxious to see the results!

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